I was targeted by witches, from the Netherlands. Who in all fairness must have had a ‘card blanch’ from someone in my family. A card blanch, is permission given to witches by someone close to you. Those, who gave that card must be feeling the heat by now. No evil shal prevail before Christ and He resists the proud, amen. This targeting is done by water spirits, literally mermaids in serpentine forms. Who were sent to keep an eye on me, and wanna hear something funny? They were sent to keep me from doing my ministry. But they are just putting fuel to the fire to make my anointing burn hotter, and now I am exposing them. You see how stupid Satan really is? Is not that he is an idiot, it’s just that pride makes him one. Get it?
When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.
Proverbs 11:2 KJV
The devil only gets two things, the blood of Jesus Christ and shame. That all he will ever get, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Spirit water serpents are also proud, lustful, and filthy. They must be one of the most annoying types of demons, and they fancy themselves as the strongest, just arrogance. Lucky me! Like I told you before, if they send spirits that strong, then I will get strong enough to crush those demonic water serpents, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. By the way, this is not pride, but faith.

I have been put, in a spiritual serpents den. A woman serpent who can interchange in a human form and that of a serpent, and the assistant that come in, in shifts. They are, cunning, idiotic psychopaths. Only care about themselves, are filthy and have a unquenchable sexual appetite. Proud, arrogant and hateful. They have a cap on their spiritual development, they are guardians after all, dont need that much of brains to guard. Spiritually, even tho I am in my home, they have built a prison in the spirit around me. This spiritual prison, is connected to the floor on top of mine. The female guard, is continuously with me, and I hear the guard who keeps an eye of things on top of me, walking, running and stomping to intimidate, and I hear him come down from time to time, when he needs to get serious. The reason I can see all this, is because when this female serpent connects her spirit to me, I can feel their, and the spiritual world in a sense. That is what a kundalini serpent aka demonic serpent, does. This is what you have to experience with the Holy spirit, and not with impure spirits. Wich I will turn into, clean spirits. This is two way street thing, they are guarding me, and I am curing their, evil, and filth. That is how this ministry is born, Jesus Christ always uses the devils tactics against himself.
This so called kundalini serpent, which is actually a demon. Sits, and bathes in your sacral chakra, which has the element of water. That means that it is a water demon, and serpent. Her upper body shifts in and out, from my body, and becomes than an extension of my body. From the back, she hovers around my shoulders, and head. Very rarely, she goes full possession, meaning her whole being is inside my body. Inside my body she takes on the form of a female human, and outside, tha of a serpent. So she can morph into me, making my senses her, and her senses mine.

This story began before I knew it. As I look back, witches and demons have always been chasing my life. I had a dream a long time ago, that I was walking with a black serpent. That means that the evil forces are tailing you. I must have made a pact with evil, unconsciously or somebody made it for me. A card blanch, is what they call when someone close to you, gives permission to witches and demons to, harrass you. But, that is an enemy that will be exposed, soon enough. My walk with Jesus Christ, has been a hectic one. Never was I able to anker properly, in my faith. I am babtised by the Holy Spirit, but there was always something making me eat the vomit I trew up, previously. And now I know why.
An evil eye is watching me, and curses on my life started to get effect. I had a blessed life in my early years, but that was until the trouble started. I wasn’t obeying the devil, and whent looking for Jesus Christ. The devil wanted me dead, and working in the afterlife in his kingdom. But he failed bigtime. I whent to jail a few times, and started to make my name known in the systems. And plan satan had, troughs satanists in the Netherlands, was schizophrenia. Behind scenes, it was planned to drive me insane. I have been doing spiritual warfare, eversince I can remember, so I knew already to much. I couldn’t just be like everyone else, under the thumb of society, no I had to fight demons. That is a first class ticket to the reality, of this life. And that reality is; the devil was kicked out of heaven and came to earth, with a vengeance and wants to take, listened carefully, everybody to hell with him. So he has taken the rule of earth, and is buying every nation, for his little government. Creating psychopaths, and satanists, catholicism and other religions, including the new age, that is the age of Satan.

Whent trough social rehabilitation agencies, and got in touch with the police, that got me marked. I rented a room in the city of Groningen, and all hell broke loose. That’s when the water spirits where sent, to harrasse me. To drive me to a corner, so I could flip out and commit a crime. It’s a small city, and people were making an effort to making themselves noticed in the city, and make known the fact that I was being watched, and targeted. At home, 24/7, I was visited by this water spirits, and harassed. Started hearing voices, and they were commenting on my every move, and thought. Let it be known that demons in general, can’t read thoughts, but those from the waters (sirens) can. My situation was, and still is that there are spirits, that have sex with me, if I want it or not. I can fight it, but they have ways, and are demons which only Jesus Christ, can chase out completely. We are born in a earth suit, and it is not the plan of Jesus Christ, for us to be in communion with spirits unless He allows us by the Power, of the Holy Spirit. So I have been targeted, by this demons to steal my energy, keep me in sin and rob me of my salvation. I live France now, but water spirits from the waters of the Netherlands, are sent to target me where I live. I hear them talking in Dutch. So the satanists in the police force, and mental health clinics of the netherlands, have tracked me down in France, and want to make me loose my salvation in Jesus Christ, and go back to Holland to a clinic. Oh yeah, I escape by the grace of Jesus Christ, a mental health clinic, where the satanic judges, and lawyers who burned me, had arranged to put me. Like they do now a day, with the people they target, and put up for medicine, drugs. To kill your individuality, and possess you with demons. They had me on medication, after a tremendous fight to numb me down, and go along with their system by injecting witchcraft, and demons through medication. This, is a warning to anyone, on any type of medicine. Medicines work as any other drug, to open portals on your body, and souls for demonic interference. Medication, is nothing but a commercial item, to generate money. The people who create them, have money on their mind. That means that, the longer your on their medication, the more money they make. Easter, I heard a voice saying I would die in a year. But on that day, Jesus Christ was resurrected, and I also was set free from that clinic. My whole being moved me to escape, and that is what happened. My cousin had a dream later, in that dream I had escaped, but, carried a bag. Meaning that, I had brought baggage with me. Little did I know that, the target followed me to France.

I had a dream, where I shook a man’s hand, and in agreement to something, and that is when I started to hear, and feel this water demons again. A few days before that, the police of the Netherlands called one of my family members, whom they had the number of, and told her that I had to go back, to be put on medication. They labeled me with schizophrenia, which is from what you have read in my story, an spiritual attack. Some of us are conscious, and other are not, but the effects are the same, unless you have the tools to fight those effects, and that’s where Jesus Christ comes in. Now I know that a demon serpent, has been following me around every since I can remember. I am reliving certain symptoms I had before, but didn’t know where they came from. Now, I understand how this demonic serpents work, and how to counteract their attacks, in the name of Jesus Christ. I can put the pieces together, and it helps me to deal with this demon serpents, and sirens. Since this is the works of the devil, there is only one person who can stand up against him, and set you free, that person is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ gave His life for you on the cross, and beat the devil, and his rights over our lives. So there is only one thing left for us to do, and that is to call on the name of Jesus Christ. Just try him, call His name. You got nothing to lose. He said that He saves all those who call upon Him. Just say, Jesus Christ save me. And I promise you that He will come to your aid, one way or another.

This way of targeting via satanic sexual ritual, followed me wherever I whent. And it must be clear now that, when this happens to you during the night, and dreams, it means that you are being initiated into witchcraft. I had a dream of a guiding coucelour of one of does nursing wards, coming naked to my room. And that means that, a witch or demon is having sex with you.
I was targeted in jail, by the same sexual demons aka sirens, and water demons. The Netherlands is a water country, and sirens are ruling it. Those are, one of the type of spirits used to generate the symptoms, they call schizophrenia, and mentaldisorders. I never admitted till now of hearing spirits, because I knew they where fishing for that. They have a database of the people they target, with all information they have gained by monitoring you. So wherever you go, specifically in government institutions, they know you, and the general assignment that has been given against you. The purpose is, to make you loose your salvation, if you have one, make you a schizophrenic, put a lid on your spiritual development, and of course control you. The devil is in the service industry. He comes as false Engel of light. In the mental health clinic, I was harassed by the same type of spirits, so they are everywhere. It the reality, but caretakers are for the most part satanists. So be very careful with hospitals, clinics, people who have a job of taking care of others. The irony.

As I am writing this they are (a female and male spirit) trying to get my attention and have intercours. People round me who prayed with and for me have had revelations on those spirits. They are caucasian man and female. But attack me in the form of serpents. I can clearly hear their voices and feel serpent like movement on my legs, feet, chest and head. This is their way of making you sin before the Lord Jesus Christ and praise their lord who is satan. That shows that our bodies are battlefields between Jesus Christ and satan. We are spirits, but the soul (mind) and body (emotions) can be played like a fiddle. Jesus Christ wants to work troughs qit and the devil wants to control it. This demons fight for attention. They comment, and I hear them around me making aggressive noises on the walls. That’s what got me in trouble and in jail last time because I thought the neighbour’s below me in the room I rented in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands. I thought the neighbors where witches who projected their souls to harrase me. Astral projection is also a way this satanists use to harrass people. But now I know that it’s demons sent because of a target.

Author: anmonteirodasilva

I am dedicated to expose, a spiritual phenomenon that we call schizophrenia, and mental disorders. Giving, a voice and a platform, to those targeted with this situation. To find the only answers, that are spiritual.

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