@apostolic.mission, is a movement to save the planet, by faith. Jesus Christ said, let it be done according to ‘your’ faith, to ask everything in His name, so our joy be perfect, and hate evil. I hate evil, have faith to believe it can be eradicated, and ask it in the name of Jesus Christ, so my joy be perfect.

It started when, I understood that, schizophrenia, and mental disorders, are a product of spiritual oppression. That, led me to understand the troubles mankind is facing, today, and it gave me a resolve to change it. I am calling out the dreamers, those who dare to dream. Because, life, is more than fantasy. Reality, is more real than science fiction movies, and novels. Be glad, because, the world is the one who is crazy, and they dont show you everything, and we the dreamers are the future. Dream big, and have faith in Jesus Christ to accomplish it.

We have a few writers in house, the goal is mental health, The Bible says, prosper according to your soul, so basically, its food for the soul Take your fill, digest, and come back again, @apostolic.mission.