You may have already done everything to deal with what THEY call mental disorder and schizophrenia or just getting started. You may be on medication or thinking about it. Let me tell you that drugs and therapy are just coping mechanism and can evenbe used against you.. They don’t fix ANYTHING. It’s never to early to get real help. I now have my symptoms under control because I got the right help and am tackling the root issues. Schizophrenia is a psychic attack. What is a psychic attack? Read here:

This is not a religious thing. I am talking about what REALLY is going on. I promise you that your psychiatrists and psychologists need help themselves. You DO NOT belong in a nursing ward. And don’t need to be on drugs. Because you are NOT sick. Take care of your issues right where you are, and Jesus Christ is the only one who can save. He saved me, gives me hope and is taking care of this symptoms and spirits harassing me. I am giving you a chance to do the same. Do this prayer below even if you don’t know or never heard of Jesus Christ. I am telling you what really works. Get well.

Before asking for help say this : I wash my body, soul, spirit, heart, mind, mouth and tongue with the blood of Jesus Christ. Because the Bible says that every sin is washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

And now do the prayer below (for even better effects: ON YOUR KNEES) to ask for help.

Jesus Christ who is in heaven, alleluia. May your kingdom come in my life and Your will be done. You said whomever calls Your name will be saved. SAVE ME. Forgive my sins and those done against me. Wash me by your blood and set me free. Because You came to set the captives free. I pray that You find Your glory in saving me and those around me. I give my life to You Jesus Christ and make you my only Lord and Savior. May Your Spirit convince me of You and guide me from now on. I pray. Thank You. Amen

Like this prayer, there are more prayers on this subject. And he didn’t hear the job. Take your time and be confident. Heal soon in the name of Jesus Christ.

Author: anmonteirodasilva

I am dedicated to expose, a spiritual phenomenon that we call schizophrenia, and mental disorders. Giving, a voice and a platform, to those targeted with this situation. To find the only answers, that are spiritual.

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